Meet the Community

Send in a photo of your pet(s) along with a little bit about them. Share your stories. Meet up with others in the community to share your love for animals. We'll start:

We're Emily and Taj Arias. We're from California and moved to Washington in 2013 along with our first pup, Koda. After spending some time in Seattle, we've now settled in Yelm and grew our pack to a team of five Siberian Huskies.

We spend spring and fall running them in harness on our bikes. Winters include sledding and playing in the snow. Pictured to the right are Koda, Myka, and Phoenix - The original three.

Koda (left - 6) runs the house and sets the rules for the other four. Phoenix (right - 4) loves all things toy related. Myka (center - 2) is a sweet pup and a recent mother. See the next post to meet Myka and Koda's pups, Iris and Diggle.