What are the Best Natural Dog Treats Out There? [Top 5 Single Ingredient Chews]

Have you been on the look-out for long-lasting, natural dog treats and chews? Perhaps something that doesn’t contain a dozen artificial ingredients? We’ve compiled our top 5 single ingredient choices and why we always keep a stock pile of them.

Much of our day is dedicated to caring for our 5 Siberian Huskies. We call them the Husky Brat Pack. We feed them the best foods we can find and keep them active by running them in harness. We’ve also developed a nightly treat tradition that has everyone running to their designated beds; 'Whimzee Wednesdays,' 'Trachea Tuesdays' and Farmhound Fridays. Over the years they’ve had the opportunity to test quite an array of bones, knuckles, ribs, Jerky & other single ingredient options. We have narrowed down to our top 5 favorite natural dog chews & treats.

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Buffalo Bully Sticks

These are among the most well-known and widely available natural treats. Bully sticks typically come in a long, dehydrated stick form and are made from bull or steer penis. It sounds awful, but they are truly a rewarding chew for dogs. They help maintain your pet's dental health by removing tartar and massaging your dog's gums. These natural chews last between 15 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the dog. Pure Buffalo makes some excellent Bully sticks from free-range, grass-fed buffalo.

3 Pack (11-12in) 4 Pack (9in) 6 Pack (6in).

Beef Trachea

Tracheas have made their way into our nightly treat tradition and are the most popular among the Husky Brat Pack – We welcome ‘Trachea Tuesdays’. Tracheas are simply the cartilage from a bull’s windpipe. They come dehydrated in a hollow cylindrical shape and are available in 6 inch or 10-12 inch length. Beef tracheas are fairly rich & crunchy. They consist of approximately 65% protein with 12% fat. We buy them in the 10-12 inch pieces and cut them in half. Jones is a well-known brand who sources their parts in the US.

Jones 6 in Tracheas Jones 10-12 in Tracheas

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Deer Antler

Deer Antlers are among the longest lasting chews out there. They often come in varying sizes and are priced according to their size. Deer Antlers do not typically splinter and provide a nice scrubbing for your dog’s teeth. Studies show that shed antlers consist primarily of calcium and phosphorus. Prolonged chewing releases endorphins, which are known to create feelings of euphoria and enhance the immune system. Newt’s Treats collect deer & Elk antlers after they’ve naturally shed them. They offer a variety of Elk & Deer antlers Here.

Knuckles & Knee Caps

Knuckles and knee caps often come dipped in liquid smoke and dehydrated or roasted for an excellent flavor. Knee caps are typically 3-6 inches in diameter and knuckles approximately 5-6 inches. Each are filled with meaty bits that create a fun & tasty challenge for your dog. We typically allow up to 30 minutes of chewing before we pull them away and save them for later. Jones carries a selection of joints, knuckles, and kneecaps Here.

Beef Hooves

Beef Hooves are yet another long lasting chew that dogs love. They’re typically well-cleaned and hollowed out to allow stuffing with peanut butter or cheese. Our dogs have never been able to get through an entire hoof before it was time for it to be retired, but it was usually their primary chew toy for a month at a time. Again, Jones comes to the rescue by offering very affordable 10 packs for $10 in a resealable bag to keep them fresh. Get some Here.

Each of the Natural Dog Chews above have been favorites of the Husky Brat Pack. We recommend staying nearby and supervising your pet while they enjoy these treats. As mentioned earlier, our nightly treat tradition makes for a fun & enjoyable event and we think it would for you too. We encourage you to do the same. Your dogs will love you for it!

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