Farm Hounds Treats - The Dehydrated, Protein Rich Snack for Healthy Dogs

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Try Farm Hounds Treats

We may have just found you're looking for - a low fat, high protein variety of dehydrated treats made from family owned pastures - And they're AMAZING...

Farm Hounds Treats - Farm Fresh Treats Your Dog Will Love

We've developed a nightly tradition in our house. As soon as we open the designated dog-closet (yes we have a dog-closet), we hear the sound of 20 eager paws scurrying from around the house. Chaos has now ensued. If you're standing between the dogs and their treats - move. We make our way to the bedroom, climbing over a mountain of huskies along the way. Each dog hurries to their designated bed.

Treat time is a big deal in our house.

So far, we've established "Trachea Tuesdays," "Whimzee Wednesdays," and have recently introduced "Farm Hound Fridays."

We'll tell you why...

Try out the Turkey Gizzards

Store shelves are stocked to the brim with every major brand of dog treat you can imagine; many produced by the same parent companies. Their well-designed labels help us to pick out the bag & our dogs give their approval when the treat hits their tongue.

However, we don't typically look at the ingredients listed on the back for dog treats. We do this for ourselves.... Why not for our pets? A large portion of these major brands consist of wheat flour, product meal, corn starch, & a host of other modified ingredients.

Farm Hounds keeps things simple. They source their products from local family owned farms. They dehydrate the proteins, seal them, and well..... that's it.

This is as fresh and natural as you can ask for.

Check out the selection here.

Farm Hounds proves a good variety of options, each are high value for ours.

So far, our dogs highly approve of:

Each bag contains Hormone & Antibiotic Free products. The meats come from small family farms near White Oak Pastures, GA & are certified Humane.

Farm Hounds is a welcome addition to our nightly treat tradition.

- Crude Protein: Between 66.39% to 81.7%

- Crude Fat: 6.59% to 17.58%

- Crude Fiber: 0.17% to 1.54%

- Moisture Content: 8.96% to 16.54%

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