Vet's Best - Ear Relief | Wash & Dry

Vet's Best - Ear Relief | Wash & Dry


Vets Best

Ear Relief Wash & Dry

Two 4oz bottles

Made in the usa


·  Non-stinging, alcohol-free

·  Instantly controls unpleasant ear odor

·  Quickly relieves itching & reduces scratching

·  Soothes raw, red & greasy ears

·  Keeps ear canals fresh & dry


For dogs & cats:

The 2-step solution! Veterinarians best ear wash & dry grooming aids were formulated to eliminate the use of stinging alcohol when cleaning pets' ears. Naturally soothing ingredients such as clove oil and tea tree oil are combined to provide fast relief when ears itch or smell, or appear to be sore or greasy. Ear relief wash & dry helps prevent ear scratching painful "swimmer's ear" and wax build-up.


Shake well. Apply ear relief wash to openings of ear canals. Massage base of ears to distribute solution into ear canals. Remove excess liquid with soft tissue. Avoid contact with eyes. Then use ear relief dry. Repeat daily or as necessary to keep ears clean and fresh and to control wax build-up. Also use before and afte bathing or swimming.


Ear relief wash: clove oil, tea tree oil, yucca, aloe vera, chamomile, echinacea. Ear relief dry: clove, aloe vera, tea tree oil, silica, chamomile, echinacea.


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