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But the price paid for A-List talent means there were corners cut by other voice actors. The actors' voices sound bored and disinterested. The acting is not up to scratch in real life. 2K Sports should spend more on voice actors with better quality.

NBA 2K Players Claim They Have Been Scammed Out of 'At Least $215,000' NBA 2K is a virtual basketball game that allows players to play against strangers as well as friends via voice chat and multiplayer online modes.

In the last month, players claimed that @StepBackRack, a prominent participant in the Twitch community, referred to as 'Rack,' stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Australian and New Zealand communities in an apparent investment fraud. It's alleged another gamer, @Raangee, was also involved in the fraud.

YouTuber and streamer Tyceno was the first person to bring to light the scam, which made young gamers part with thousands of dollars in the belief they'd make more. Tyceno wrote "I have solid evidence to believe that @StepBackRack was behind an illegal pyramid scheme that took place in the NBA 2K Community. over $200,000 was snatched from young vulnerable victims with the hope that they could 'flip their money'."

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